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Geographic Tongue

by Black Love

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Dreamy schemE loathe and longing if the lemmings worship would you feel belonging? Or does it matter who the lemmings be Anyone satisfied easily I'm not immune I dread the tragic Freedom's not cheap We're not paper tigers like the papers portray We're not corporate no matter what they say We lay quiet in our domestic state Lure us out we shan't be late Wish we valued "principle above privilege" - Eisenhower Arrogance and Apathy are door men welcoming our fall
Buddy Holly the crickets sing in the summer "Everyday" we all get a little older Mosquitoes come round inviting themselves to dinner Mosquitoes come round drinking their weight of your blood "Everyday" we all get a little older Mosquitoes come round you never know serving what good Getting ready for bed flossing your teeth Spitting little red ribbons into the sink Watching part of you disappear down the drain We've all made decisions we wish we could change PVC Todd Ploharski Precinct Sequence Three 349 Tinnitus Toast
Please don't take my girl today I'd like to keep for myself Never carry her away and put her on some goddamned shelf You wouldn't like her anyway She never really sleeps with anybody else Hope you never heard me say I would live all by myself I would miss the break of day and her breath upon my back When we lay in bed all day waiting for the next attack
Ear Elephant 04:36
How'd you get to be so vulnerable When did you first realize The laws of physics and the math you learned can't prepare you for the element of surprise Ear elephant of size the element of surprise How'd you grow to be so intolerant? What made you move so far away? How about the dreams you used to share with your friends? What friends? Who are they? Ear elephant of size the element of surprise Wanted always a song to sing A song with which I'd never grow bored A song to enchant and transcend with Music for your ear to neutralize fear Ear elephant of size the element of surprise.... And now a reward for your suicide attack Your remains will be sealed in pig fat (Pork Love)
Humans, ugh! 02:04
Look at all the fat kids Can't you see them waiting in line at the fast food drive-thru They're so hungry biding their time for the perfect discos sandwiched and adorned of slaughtered cattle before their heads come off singing this song: Humans ugh Short live the humans ugh Down with the humans ugh The dirty cattle consumption machine There was so much blood
Tell 03:14
One eyed Albert laugh when they crushed his sister's bones At first he cried and watched the cremation then he returned to the living Coloring the book Stay inside the lines Never mind do what you want you can twist the lines to any thought Take a step one three to creation Monty Python know the "Meaning of Life" but won't tell We believe you know when you done somebody wrong And the bitterness you ooze catch before long doo-doo Think it doo C'mon doo Together doo Now choose another.... Path You put so many restrictions on me How could I ever live? I know you're righteous and you think you know it all Everybody take a step back and breathe
Inspector Fuhrman said n... n.... n..... neat!
I might tonight beat myself up over something that I've done Beat myself up but I must forgive I'm me Can't believe I did that No no no it has been done So many times I play it in my mind where it went better What are red skies to the sailors at sea? Tornadic funnel cloud for Dorothy An unforgiving storm up in head of me.... Must forgive I'me
Spaceship 05:09
My father's house is majestic I'm sure built on a mountain where he feels secure Maybe I'll visit on some holiday After the fact isn't it always that way And if you pass a UFO on your way up don't be alarmed It's just a house trying to look like a space ship
Impasse 02:46
We reached an impasse A strange place in life You went over the edge.... I kept coming back to see if I could see you I'd grown so used to you Even hearing you breathe Didn't think I'd muss you cous I never thought you'd leave You left to be with other people You left your body in the morgue I'm not good about I'm not good about this
Save Me 02:26
It moves within and It moves without They put a name on It now I'm in doubt The claim It talks to them I must have faith Though It's invisible I must obey.... You come round trying to recruit again Building your ignorant armies You come round trying to recruit again With your false sense of hope blues Your quest for money dope What do you believe in? Let's assume Your name is God Save me from Your followers Let's assume Your name's Allah Save us from Your followers
Fly get the human swatter to take out all the thugs Know the thugs are symptoms of the armpit of society The dank roach infested squalor The parent-less kids Abandoned like spent cigarettes Quick burn orange cinders on the roadways at night The thug is ugly inside Scarred and hollow-souled Looking for a quick fix to get him through the cold The cold indifferent others The cold and hardened world All he sees is lecherous before his eyes unfurled He feels vindicated when he takes by force Leaves his signature destruction without remorse Girl says she likes her men dangerous Says it turns her on when they terrorize the rest of us Buzzer goes off ends visiting time again Look how cute! In his orange suit


B.Love's "Geographic Tongue" is:
"a warped journey that finds the Athens/Atlanta duo traversing a slow and strange pop terrain"
"a sonic molasses that's rife with abstract imagery and an impenetrable sense of avant-garde awareness" - Chad Radford, Creative Loafing 9/9/2004

"as a profound mystery that perpetually unravels with glacial beauty, Geographic Tongue is a unique and haunting cry from the purgatory of modern times" - Tammy Liu, Southern Performer Magazine

"can be absorbing, dull, catchy, dreary, hallucinatory and downright funny at times, and this disc captures all of those traits" - Jeff Clark, Stomp and Stammer July 2004

What? You thought I was gonna give you the bad reviews; up yours! Give it a listen, but don't stop it, even if you feel that your ears are being raped.


released April 1, 2004

Rich Hudson keys/vocs/guitar
Brian Cook bass/guitar/vocs

Thanks to Doug Hughes for the original mastering and Frank "Heinous Bienfang" Dreyer for the beautiful album lay out and art work.


all rights reserved



Black Love Athens, Georgia

Whirrd! Summer 2001, Georgia, USA. Rich Hudson hadn't been in a band since the demise of Atlanta's "BOB" in '99. Brian Cook left the Atlanta music scene in the mid 90s after bass-ing for Pineal Ventana, The Titanics and Accustat. Taste here the swampy electronic provocations shrouded in humorous pop unpleasantness. But, "Don't be alarmed, It's just a house trying to look like a space ship". ... more

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